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Spring 2017 Seminars


BCMB 601

Wednesdays, 3:35 – 4:30, WLS M307

(refreshments served at 3:20)

(PDF version)

Jan 11  Monica Gerth, Dept. Biochemistry, University of Otago, NZ

Scratched, Then Sniffed? Structural And Functional Characterization of Chemoreceptors From P. syringae


Jan 18  Tyler Chang, School of Natural Sciences, Univ. Cal. Merced

A Dynamic Day of a Three-protein Circadian Clock


Jan 25  Brandon Choi, Molecular and Cellular Physiology Dept. HHMI, Stanford


Single Molecule Fluorescence Reveals Dynamic Structures Of Synaptic Protein Assemblies


Feb 1   Sarah Heissler, Laboratory of Molecular Physiology, NIH

Looking Under The Hood of Myosin Motors


Feb 8   Feng Chen, Dept. of Plant Science, UTK

Function And Evolution of Terpene Synthase Genes


Feb 15 Hugh O’Neill, Biology and Soft Matter Division, ORNL

Structural Studies of the Plant Cellulose Synthesis Complex


Feb 22 Vasant Muralidharan, Dept. Cellular Biology. University of Georgia, Athens

Retooling Molecular Chaperones for the Parasitic Lifestyle of Plasmodium


Mar 1 Jenny Hinshaw, Structural Cell Biology, NIH

Capturing The Sequential Steps of Dynamin- Mediated Fission by Cryo-EM


Mar 8   Karen Bernt, Biology Dept., Davidson College, NC

When a Smoke was a Smoke? Characterizing the Biotoxicity of E-cig Vapor & Hookah Smoke


Mar 15  No seminar due to Spring Break.


Mar 22  Danny Schnell, Plant Biology Dept., Michigan State University

Insights Into The Origin and Mechanism of the Protein Import Machinery of Chloroplast


Mar 29 Robert Fletterick, Biochemistry and Biophysics Dept., UCSF

Target Nr5a2: Discovering Compounds That Block Tumor Growth


Apr 5   Nicholas Noinaj, Biological Sciences Dept., Purdue University, IN

Structural Insights into the Biogenesis of Beta-barrel Membrane Proteins


Apr 12  Elizabeth Fozo, Microbiology Dept., UTK

Effects Of Exogenous Fatty Acids Enterrococcus faecalis: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


Apr 19 Nathan Alder, Molecular and Cellular Biology Dept., Univ. Connecticut, Storrs

Cardiolipin As A Mediator of Protein Interaction in The Mitochondrial Inner Membrane


Apr 26 Bruce Kohorn, Biology Dept., Bowdoin College, ME

Cell Wall Pectin Perception by Wall Associated Kinases, WAKS


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