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Seminar Series


BCMB 601 – Seminar – Fall 2016

Wednesdays, 3:35 – 4:30, WLS M311

(refreshments served at 3:15)


Aug. 17      Seminar Orientation for Students


Aug. 24      Protein dynamics and drug discovery: From hits to toxicity predictions

                     Jerome Baudry, BCMB-UTK


Aug. 31      Evasive Maneuvers: How Cells Escape the Lethal Effects of Kinesin-5 Poisons

                     Ryoma (Puck) Ohi, Vanderbilt University


Sept. 7       Systems Biology of Oil Biodegradation in 5 Deep Marine Basins, Implications from Deep Water Horizon?

                     Terry Hazen, Microbiology Department, UTK


Sept. 14     Mass Spectrometry-Based Metaproteomic Approaches Reveal Insight into the Functions and Metabolic Activities of the Human Gut Microbiome

                     Robert (Bob) Hettich, Oak Ridge National Laboratories


Sept. 21     Assembling Myosin II-Based Contractile Systems during Cell Migration and Heart Development

                     Dylan Burnette, Vanderbilt University


Sept. 28     Epigenetic Control of Plant-Nematode Interactions

                     Tarek Hawezi, Plant Biology Department, UTK


Oct. 5        From Deuterated Proteins to Thermophilic Enzymes and Solvent Effects

                     Engin Serpersu, National Science Foundation/BCMB-UTK


Oct. 12       TBA

Dan Jacobson, Oak Ridge National Laboratories


Oct. 19       Chemical Signaling and Transport of Signals during Systemic Immunity     Pradeep Kachroo, University of Kentucky


Oct. 26       Probing Nanoscale Functionality using Novel Scanning Probe Microscopies

                     Liam Collins, Oak Ridge National Laboratories


Nov. 2        Designed Multiple Ligands for Targeted Epigenetic Perturbation

                     Adegboyega (Yomi) Oyelere, Georgia Tech


Nov. 9        Good and Bad Experiences with Viruses- What Determines the Outcome

                     Barry Rouse, UT Vet School


Nov. 16      Bioanalytical Microfluidics for Peptide Hormone Measurements

                     Chris Baker, Chemistry Department, UTK






Nov. 30      Live Cell Imaging of Virus Entry

                     Greg Melikian, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

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