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Burch-Smith Publishes in New Phytologist

Tessa Burch-Smith’s lab published a paper in one of the top journals in the field of plant biology, New Phytologist. This paper (The essential chloroplast ribosomal protein uL15c interacts with the chloroplast RNA helicase ISE2 and affects intercellular trafficking through plasmodesmata), provides evidence for chloroplasts modulating intercellular trafficking through the plasmodesmata. This research involved Krzysztof Bobik (former postdoc in BCMB), Jessica Fernandez (grad student in BCMB), Sara Hardin (undergraduate student), Ben Ernest (former grad student in the vonArnim lab) and Elena Ganusova (postdoc in BCMB) as well as Meg Staton (professor in the Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology).