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Das lab publishes in Journal of Cell Science

The lab of Dr. Maitreyi Das recently published a paper in the Journal of Cell Science. The work was led by recent graduate student Dr. Julie Rich-Robinson with contributions from undergraduate student Afton Russell and high-school student Elanor Mancini. The paper titled, “Cdc42 reactivation at growth sites is regulated by local cell-cycle-dependent loss of its GAP Rga4 in fission yeast” investigates how cells control the timing of growth initiation after completion of cell division. Regulation of the timing of growth initiation is a fundamental cellular process in all cell types including humans and relevant to several diseases and disorders. In this work, using fission as a model system, the scientists have identified a mechanism that involves proteins which are well conserved in yeast as well as humans. This work was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH/NIGMS- 1R01GM136847-01).