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Fall 2019 Seminars

BCMB 601/615

Wednesdays, 3:35 – 4:30, Mossman 202
(refreshments served at 3:20)

August 21 General laboratory safety/chemical hygiene- MANDATORY (host: Gladys Alexandre)
August 28 Biosafety- MANDATORY (host: Gladys Alexandre)
September 4 Michael Vaughn, Spectrologix, Knoxville, TN
“Developing simultaneous multiwavelength absorption/fluorescence spectroscopy in intact leaves to investigate efficiency, function and regulation of photosynthesis” (host: Gladys Alexandre)
September 11 Pat Collier, ORNL
“Memory and Learning in Biomolecular Soft Materials for Neuromorphic Computing” (host: Francisco Barrera)
September 18 Todd Reynolds, UT Microbiology
“PS, your ß-glucan is showing” (host: Gladys Alexandre)
September 25 Jason MacGurn, Vanderbilt University
“Regulatory switches in ubiquitin-mediated endocytic trafficking and signaling” ( host: Gladys Alexandre)
October 2 Amber Webb, ORNL
“Microbial recruitment and attachment to plant rhizospheres” (host: Gladys Alexandre)
October 9 Ruben Gonzales, Columbia University
“From fluctuations to function: The role of dynamics in gene expression and biomolecular function” (host: Rajan Lamichhane)
October 16 Zachary Nimchuck, UNC Chapel Hill
“Wiring Plant Development through Receptor Kinase Signaling Circuits” (host: Elena Shpak)
October 23 Marti Head, JIBS
Drug Finding 101: the Connection to Your Skills and Job Prospects.” (host: Gladys Alexandre)
October 30 James Munro, Tufts University
“Dynamics and mechanisms of viral envelope glycoproteins” (host: Rajan Lamichhane)
November 6 David Margolis, Rutgers University
“Cortical and corticostriatal circuits for sensory-guided behavior: lessons from the mouse whisker system” (host: Keerthi Krishnan)
November 13 Maitreyi Das, Assistant Professor, BCMB
“Design Principles of Cell Polarization”  (host: Andreas Nebenfuehr)
November 20 Erwin London, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
“Controlling membrane lipid composition and asymmetry to investigate membrane organization”. (host: Francisco Barrera)
November 27 NO CLASS
December 4 Ben White, National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health
“Understanding Behavior at Cellular Resolution in the Fly” (host: Jae Park)