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Faculty and Student Achievements

Last year BCMB faculty received seven big grants from NIH, NSF, and Intel Corporation. Elias Fernandez received an NIH grant for “Role of Allostery in CAR Transactivation.” Fran Barrera is a co-PI on a grant from NIH for “Labeling of Lipid Products Using Synthetic Tagged Metabolite Probes to Analyze Lipid Biosynthesis and Trafficking.” Jeremy Smith received a grant from Intel Corporation for “Porting and Optimization of the General Purpose Molecular Dynamics Code GROMACS on Next Generation Intel Based Computers.”

The grants from NSF include grants to Andreas Nebenfuehr for “Mechanisms of Cytoplasmic Streaming,” Gladys Alexandre for “Chemotaxis sensing preference in plant-microbe associations,” Brad Binder for “Ethylene Signaling and Transcriptional Networks that Control Root Development.” Jeremy Smith received a grant to organize a workshop titled “Progress and Prospects for Neutron Scattering in the Biological Sciences.”

Zach Beamer, a graduate student in Dan Roberts’ lab, received a Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) award to study the functional basis of transport selectivity by nodulin 26 intrinsic protein.

Julie Rich, a graduate student in Maitreyi Das Lab received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) award to study the signaling mechanisms that allow a cell to resume growth at the end of division.

At our annual awards ceremony, we recognized the following students for their teaching and research excellence:

  • Nate Brady (Bruce lab) Penley Fellowship, $5K
  • Haden Scott (Barrera Lab) Hollaender Fellowship, $6K, James and Dora Wright Fellowship, $2K
  • Joanna Cooper (Prosser lab) Hollaender Fellowship, $6K, Dr. Cynthia Peterson Fellowship, $1K
  • Justin Westerfield (Barrera Lab) David and Becky Eaker Graduate Student Award $1K
  • Lindsey O’Neal (Alexandre Lab) Robert and Nell Keenan Bioscience Fellowship, $2K
  • Jyotirmoy Mondal, Kouns Excellence in Teaching Award, $2K
  • Pawel Kosentka (Shpak Lab), Ray Holton Plant Science Award, $2K
  • Jessica Gullet (Alexandre lab), $1K