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Notable Publications

Over the past year, our faculty published several pieces of scholarship. We highlight the most notable of those below.

Computational and Experimental Biophysics and Biochemistry

  • Kapoor, K., Duff, Jr., M.R., Upadhyay, A., Bucci, J.C., Saxton, A.M., Hinde, R.J., Howell, E.E., and Baudry, J. (2016) “Highly dynamic anion-π networks in proteins.” Biochemistry 55, 6056–6069.
  • Clark,  A.K.,  Wilder,  J.H.,  Grayson,  A.W.,  Johnson,  Q.R.,  Lindsay,  R.J.,  Nellas, R.B., Fernandez, E.J. and Shen, T. (2016) “The Promiscuity of Allosteric Regulation of Nuclear Receptors byRetinoid  X Receptor.” J. Phys.  Chem.  B. 120(33), 8338-8345.
  • Xiao Z.S., Riccardi D., Velazquez H.A., Chin A.L., Yates C.R., Carrick J.D., Smith J.C., Baudry J., and Quarles L.D. (2016) “Computationally Identified Novel Chemical Compounds that Antagonize FGF-23.”  Science Signaling  9 (455) ra113.
  • Hong L., Jain N., Cheng X., Bernal A., Tyagi M., and Smith. J. (2016) “Determination of functional collective motions in a protein at atomic resolution using coherent neutron scattering.” Science Advances 2(10): e1600886.
  • Karabadzhak AG, Petti LM, Barrera FN, Edwards APB, Moya-Rodriguez A, Polikanov YS, Freites JA, Tobias DJ, Engelman DM, and DiMaio D. (2017) “Two transmembrane dimers of the bovine papillomavirus E5 oncoprotein clamp the PDGF β receptor in an active dimeric conformation.” PNAS 114 (35): E7262-E7271.

Plant and Microbial Biology

  • Lokdarshi, C. Conner, C. McClintock, T. Li, and D.M. Roberts (2016) “Arabidopsis CML38,a calcium sensor that localizes to ribonucleoprotein complexes under hypoxia stress.” Plant Physiology 170; 1046-1059.
  • Lacey RM and Binder BM (2016) “Ethylene Regulates the Physiology of the Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 via an Ethylene Receptor.” Plant Physiology 171: 2798-2809.
  • Holbrook,, K.,, Subramanian,, C.,, Reddick,, L.E.,, Wright,, S.,, Zhang,, H.,, Chotewutmontri, P., and Bruce, B.D. (2016). “Functional analysis of semi-conserved transit peptide motifs and implications in chloroplast protein import.” Molecular Plant 9(9): 1286-1301.
  • Lin G, Zhang L, Han Z, Yang X, Liu W, Li E, Chang J, Qi Y, Shpak ED, Chai J. (2017) “A receptor-like protein acts as a specificity switch for the regulation of stomatal development.” Genes Dev. 31(9): 927-938.
  • Bobik, K., McCray, T.N., Ernest, J.B., Howell, K.A., Lane, T., Staton, M. and Burch-Smith, T.M. (2017) “The chloroplast RNA helicase ISE2 is required for multiple chloroplast RNA processing steps in Arabidopsis thaliana.” Plant J. 91: 114-131.
  • Gullett, J., Bible A. N. and G. Alexandre (2017) “Distinct domains confer CheA with unique functions in chemotaxis and cell length at division in Azospirillum brasilense Sp7.” J. Bacteriol. 199: e00189-17.

Cell Biology and Neuroscience

  • Crane E, Bian Q, McCord RP, Lajoie B, Wheeler BS, Ralston EJ, Uzawa S, Dekker J, and Meyer BJ. (2015). “Condensin-Driven Remodeling of X-Chromosome Topology during Dosage Compensation.” Nature 523: 240-4.
  • Wei B, Hercyk BS, Mattson N, Mohammadi A, Rich J, DeBruyne E, Clark MM, and Das M. (2016) “Unique Spatiotemporal Activation Pattern of Cdc42 by Gef1 and Scd1 Promotes Different Events during Cytokinesis.” Mol Biol Cell. 27 (8): 1235-45.
  • Gyuricza, M. R., Manheimer, K. B., Apte, V., Krishnan, B., Joyce, E. F., McKee, B. D., and McKim, K. S. (2016) “Dynamic and Stable Cohesins Regulate Synaptonemal Complex Assembly and Chromosome Segregation.” Current Biology 26: 1688-1698.
  • Li C, Hong T, Yen Y, Lu Y, Chang M, Nie Q, and Chen J. (2017) “MicroRNA filters Hox temporal transcription noise and confers boundary formation in the spinal cord.” Nat Commun. 8: 14685.
  • Krishnan K, Lau BYB, Ewall G, Huang ZJ, and Shea SD. (2017) “MECP2 regulates cortical plasticity underlying a learned behavior in adult female mice.” Nature Commun. 8: 14077.
  • Cooper JM, Rastogi A, Krizo J, Mintz “EM, and Prosser RA (2017) “Urokinase-type plasminogen activator modulates mammalian circadian clock phase regulation in tissue-type plasminogen activator knockout mice.” Eur. J. Neurosci. 45: 805-815.