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Gladys Alexandre Alexandre, Gladys Professor, Head of BCMB Bacterial Chemotaxis and Motility
FacultyBarrera Barrera, Francisco

Assistant Professor Cellular Membranes
Bembenek Bembenek, Joshua
Assistant Professor Cell Division in C. elegans
FacultyBinder Binder, Brad

Associate Professor, Associate Department Head Ethylene Signaling in Plants and Microbes

FacutlyBruce Bruce, Barry Professor Protein Targeting/Translocation into Plastids; Applied Photosynthesis
FacultyBurchSmith Burch-Smith, Tessa

Assistant Professor Regulation of Intercellular Trafficking in Plants
Das, Maitreyi

Assistant Professor Study of Cell Shape and Polarity Control
Fernandez Fernandez, Elias

Associate Professor Macromolecular Structure and Function
FacultyGuo2 Guo, Hong

Professor Computational Molecular and Structural Biology
FacultyHall Hall, Jim
Associate Professor Neural Basis of Hearing
Hong, Tian Assistant Professor Computational Systems Biology
FacultyHowell Howell, Liz
Professor Osmotic Pressure Effects on Folate Pathway Enzymes
FacultyJain Jain, Nitin

Associate Professor
Structural Biology; Protein Dynamics; Biomolecular Interactions
 Keerthi Krishnan Krishnan, Keerthi Assistant Professor Molecular and Cellular Basis of Brain  Plasticity
Labrador_Mariano Labrador, Mariano Associate Professor Chromatin Structure and Function
Lamichhane, Rajan
Assistant Professor Single-Molecule Biophysics; Conformational Dynamics and Interactions of Complex Macromolecules
McCord, Rachel Patton McCord, Rachel Patton Assistant Professor 3D Genome Structure
FacultyMcKee Mckee, Bruce Professor Genetics; Chromosome Structure and Function; Meiosis
FacultyNebenfuhr Nebenführ, Andreas Professor Cell biology of organelle movement in Arabidopsis
Park Park, Jae Professor Neurobiology and Genetics in Drosophila
Prosser_R Prosser, Rebecca Professor Cellular Basis of Mammalian Circadian Rhythms
FacultyRoberts Roberts, Dan Charles P. Postelle Distinguished Professor Biochemistry and Biophysics of Plant Membrane Transporters/Channels; Calcium Regulatory Proteins
FacultyShen Shen, Tongye Associate Professor Stability and Dynamics of Biomolecular Structures and Supramolecular Assembly
FacultyShpak Shpak, Elena Associate Professor Plant Growth and Development; Signal Transduction in Arabidopsis
smith Smith, Jeremy Governor’s Chair, Director UT/ORNL Center for Molecular Biophysics Computational Molecular Biophysics, Supercomputing, Neutrons, Drug Design
FacultyvonArnim2 Von Arnim, Albrecht Professor, Associate Department Head Translational regulation of gene expression


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