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Research & Adjunct Personnel

Name Title Lab Office Phone E-mail
FacultyBurchSmith Burch-Smith, Tessa Adjunct Associate Professor Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Dockendorff, Tom Research Associate Wang Lab Mossman 420C 974-9741
Eckert, Carrie Adjunct Assistant Professor ORNL
PostdocGanusova Ganusova, Elena Research Associate Alexandre Lab Mossman 541D 974-9825
Lee, Geni Research Associate Park Lab Mossman541A 974-9825
Lenaghan, Scott Christopher Adjunct Associate Professor Co-Director, Center for Agricultural Synthetic Biology (CASB) and Associate Professor, Department of Food Science 946-0098
Monteith, Andrew Adjunct Assistant Professor Mossman 513 974-4042
Reed, Jordan Research Specialist Wang Lab Mossman 420C 974-9741
micholas_smith Smith, Micholas Research Assistant Professor Smith Lab ORNL 574-6308
Maxim Zagoskin Zagoskin, Maxim Research Associate Wang Lab Mossman 420C 974-9741