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Postdoc and Research Associate Award

C.W. Fite Research Incentive for Research Associates and Postdocs ($10,000)

Started in 2022, the purpose of the award is to support postdoctoral fellows/research associates in their professional development goals, specifically, in building a professional portfolio to serve them on the next stage of their career (research, teaching, communication, entrepreneurship, technological innovation etc.). The award is aimed to: 1. enhance the research training of postdoctoral fellows/research associates, 2. to fund activities that directly benefit their professional goals through training, partnerships or unique research experience and 3. to provide basic research funding to explore/realize initial ideas toward realizing these professional goals.

Applicants should submit a current CV, a succinct project proposal (2 pages max) that includes a statement of professional goals (1/2 page- attendance to professional workshops and technical training, funding for short-term visits to colleagues’ labs to gain technical or analytical skills and/or establish novel collaborations with a long-term goal of joint projects development are all encouraged) and a proposed research and training/collaboration activities that support the professional goals (1 1/2  page). The application should also include a proposed budget and justification (1-page max), with the training budget expenditures representing at least 30% of the total request. The application should also include a letter of support from the research mentor/supervisor/sponsor stating support for the proposal and detailing how the proposed research activities fit into the existing funded research activities and how the proposed funded activities promote the candidate bridging/meeting professional goals. Activities that promote increased diversity and inclusion, especially if these promote long-terms partnerships with minority serving sister institutions are welcome.


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