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The Barrera laboratory publishes in eLife the mechanism of candidalysin poration

The fungus C. albicans needs of the peptide candidalysin to infect human epithelial cells and macrophages. Candidalysin punches holes in cells, but how this happened was unknown. It turns out that candidalysin uses a pore formation mechanism never observed before, which is published now in eLife. The first author is Boomer Russell and current (Jordan Pyron and Ryan Schuck) and past (Drew Dixson, Nicholas Moore, and Daiane Alves) members of the Barrera lab made important contributions. This is a collaborative work that could not have happened without Gavin King and Katherine G. Schaefer (U. Missouri) and Thanh Do and Amber Gray (UTK Chemistry). The work was selected for an accompanying eLife Digest .