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Guide for Departmental Honors Program Participants

  1. Make an appointment with departmental staff to check the eligibility.
    Students must have completed BIOL 150 (or BIOL 158), BIOL 159 (or BIOL 167), BIOL 160 (or BIOL 168), and BIOL 240 with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above and have an overall GPA of at least 3.25.
  2. Follow the requirements for honors option:
    Complete 12 credit hours of BCMB courses at the 300 level or above through Honors-by-Contract*, including Honors Thesis (BCMB 457) with a minimum grade of B in each course.*Examples of the Contract:

    1. Prepare a written research paper on a topic related to the course
    2. Participate in lab exercises designed by the instructor to complement topics covered in the class
  3. Participation in independent research (BCMB 452 or equivalent):
    1. Browse BCMB website to identify prospective research advisors.
    2. Contact the potential advisors to discuss possible research projects, then select an advisor by mutual agreement.
    3. Conduct research under the guidance of the advisor.
    4. Finish Honors Thesis (BCMB 457).
  4. Complete the BCMB honors application. This form requires that you identify a professor with whom you will do independent research to complete the honors thesis and have that faculty member sign the application. Also, you are asked to identify which BCMB course has been or will be taken with an Honors-by-Contract option. The department head will sign and return the application if you are approved for the Honors Program in BCMB.
  5. After you are admitted to the Honors Program, your name will be recognized on the department honors student list with your permission.
  6. The honors thesis must be reviewed and approved by the faculty mentor supervising your undergraduate research. The approved copy of the thesis must be submitted to the BCMB department no later than the first day of finals the semester of intended graduation.