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REU Participants in Summer of 2010

reu_1967“Sensing and Signaling”
June 7 to July 30, 2010

  • Sensing and processing in the six-protein “brain” of bacteria. Gladys Alexandre
    • Tess Branon, Western Carolina University (Major: Biology and Chemistry)
    • Rose Ndeto, Benedict College, (Major: Biology)
  • Modulation of of Transit Peptide Recognition by the TOC Translocon by Phosphorylation.  Barry Bruce
    • Lily Moncrief, Hendrix College (Major: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry)
  • Ethylene Perception: What a gas!  Brad Binder

    • Andrew Patterson, University of North Carolina (Major: Biology and German)
    • Brenda Ramirez, Arizona Western College (Major: Biology)
  • Molecular Basis for the Regulation of Genes, Development and Metabolism.  Elias Fernandez

    • David Eckre, University of Wisconsin, River Falls (Major: Chemistry)
  • Signals regulating LINC complex assembly and disassembly in the nuclear envelope.  Rose Goodchild
    • Danielle Young Jeong, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Major: BCMB)
  • Investigation structure and function of a primitive enzyme: Dihydrofolate Reductase.  Liz Howell
    • Alexa DeLuca, James Madison University (Major: Chemistry)
  • Are chromatin insulators epigenetic landmarks of the genome architecture?  Mariano Labrador

    • Fatima Nagaya, SUNY Binghamton (Major: Biology)
  • Keeping nano-scale motors under control.  Andreas Nebenführ
    • Brian DeAngelis, Dartmouth University (Major: Neuroscience)
  • Neurogenetic analysis of a neuropeptide role in alcohol-related behavior.   Jae Park
    • Azin Delavari, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Major: BCMB)
  • Metallica:  Keeping Protein Activities “in Chains”  Cynthia Peterson 

    • Jamie King, North Carolina A&T University (Major: Biology)
    • Rachel Martin, Kenyon College (Major: Foreign Languages and Pre-Medical Studies)
  • Silencing RNA:  Calcium Modulated Proteins in small RNA Signaling.  Dan Roberts
    • Allison Murawski, Dickinson College (Major: Biology)
  • Biophysical studies combat antibiotic resistance.  Engin Serpersu 

    • Kemper Talley, Clemson University (Major: Physics)
  • Plant growth and development.  Elena Shpak 

    • Alaina Willet, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Major: BCMB)
  • DNA damage signaling at the chromatin level.  Sundar Venkatachalam 

    • Alysa Conway, Mount Aloysius College (Major: Biology)
  • Biosensors for cellular signaling events based on real time in vivo luminescence imaging.  Albrecht von Arnim
    • Eric Fitts, Gustavus Adolphus College (Major: Biology and Chemistry)