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REU Participants in Summer of 2012

BigCreek1-1“Sensing and Signaling” Reseach Experience for Undergrads
May 28 through August 3, 2012

  • Sensing and Signaling in the Six-Protein “Brain” of Bacteria. Gladys Alexandre
  • Recognition by the TOC Translocon by Phosphorylation. Barry Bruce
  • Ethylene Signaling: What a gas! Brad Binder
    • Student: David Pease
  • How do Plant Cells Talk to Each Other? Tessa Burch-Smith
    • Student: Yafet Gebrmichel
  • Molecular Basis for the Regulation of Genes, Development and Metabolism. Elias Fernandez
    • Student: Rachel Altshuler
  • Effect of xenobiotics (foreign chemicals) on gene expression. Ranjan Ganguly
  • Water and a Primitive Enzyme. Liz Howell
    • Student: Melissa Vogt
  • Are Chromatin Insulators Epigenetic Landmarks of the Genome Architecture? Mariano Labrador
    • Student: Joshua Barrios
  • Keeping Nano-scale Motors Under Control. Andreas Nebenführ
    • Student: Peter Duden
  • “Neuropeptides in Stress and Alcohol-related Behavior.” Jae Park
    • Student: Katherine LeClair
  • “Disorder, Disorder in the Court!” Cynthia Peterson
    • Student: Daniel Popoola
  • “Waging War on Antibiotic Resistance”. Engin Serpersu
    • Student: Tiffany Thoms
  • ssDNA damage response: assemble the checkpoint assembly. Tongye Shen
    • Student: Matthew Byrn
  • Signaling by Receptor Kinases. Elena Shpak
    • Student: Jeremy Willhoit
  • Biosensors for Cellular Signaling Events Based on Real-Time in vivo Luminescence Imaging. Albrecht von Arnim
    • Student: Jeffrey Finafrock