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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is one of the main missions of BCMB. Our faculty involve undergraduates in all aspects of research. This mission is an important way that our department strives to meet the Top 25 goals established by former Chancellor Cheek. The Carnegie Foundation classifies the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, as a “Research 1” Institution. This categorization means that research enterprise is a key element that defines UT and shapes the quality educational experiences that are available to its students.

Over the past five years, the Department of BCMB has hosted over 600 undergraduate researchers in our laboratories. Individuals who take advantage of undergraduate research in BCMB have some of the best career trajectories. Our students often receive accolades from the university and beyond, which speak to the high quality of our students. Look at our most recent undergraduate honors and highlights to learn about some of these successes.

We value our research tradition in BCMB and consider it a hallmark of a healthy, successful university. We are proud to have such active and high-achieving undergraduate researchers.

Finding a Lab for Undergraduate Research

To find a laboratory for BCMB 452: Independent Research, please review the BCMB research areas and select from the list of faculty members to learn more about their specific research interests. Then e-mail the faculty member whose research you are interested in and request a meeting to talk about a potential project. You may contact more than one faculty member to learn about multiple projects and then decide which professor you would like to work with. You can then sign up for the class by getting a section number through the BCMB office.