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Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Neuroscience (IGMN)

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Neuroscience (IGMN) is an interdisciplinary, University of Tennessee academic program established to recognize graduate students for completing the requirements of a minor in Neuroscience at either the Masters or PhD level. The Program enables a student to obtain a minor in Neuroscience simultaneously with a graduate degree in a participating department.


Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field of science. Faculty members from BCMB, Chemistry, Psychology, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Kinesiology, Nursing and many other disciplines across the university are engaged in research and training that contribute to and enhance our understanding of the brain. Because modern Neuroscience demands computational and analytical skills that supplement an understanding of nervous system function, the IGMN program is designed to provide students seeking an advanced degree in one of the participating departments with additional knowledge and experience centered on Neuroscience research and computational analyses. In addition to the core courses, the minor currently includes elective courses in EECS, MABE, Kinesiology and Psychology, which are selected according to a plan approved by the respective home departments and then approved by the IGMN Program Committee.

The Program is administered by a Program Committee with advisory input from the Program Faculty and is open to graduate students in departments that have approved participation in the IGMN.

Successful completion of the minor at either the Masters or PhD level is recognized by appropriate documentation on the student’s transcript. Students who do not complete all requirements for the minor will still receive academic credit for all approved Neuroscience courses they have successfully completed.